Semi Private Personal Training

Full Attention, Half the Price!

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Share your personal trainer with max 3 others!

Individual guidance on your own level.

Your workout is completely individualised.

Beside that, you always work with the same personal trainer and the same workout buddies in your time slot.

This way, you build real relationships with your personal trainer and the other people in the group.

Become friends, motivate each other and keep each other accountable!

every one in your group is focussing on his own goals, exercises and progression.

No matter your age, experience or physical limitations, semi private personal training will change your life for ever.

Even if you are a complete beginner!

affordable personal training

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Personal Training Starting from €137,-

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Our average member engagement is more than two years!

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Are you looking for affordable personal training in Amsterdam Nieuw West or Amsterdam Oost?

Data shows that this revolutionair concept gives life changing results for years, and most cases for life!


Why? Over 90% of people having a hard time to exercise regularly. 


The biggest reasons are: Lack of motivation, feeling intimidated in a fitness center, feeling insecure because they don’t have (much) experience, don’t know what to do in a fitness center or gym and dealing with physical limitations. 


Semi Private Personal Training solves all these problems!