6 Weeks Kickstart Program​

For mothers aged 32 to 39 only!

Ready to feel great and confident in your amazing body?

Finally Time For YOU!​

Designed to combine with your busy mommy life!

Perfect for beginners or suffering gym-timidation!

Mammy's mood booster!

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Reduce stress & improve your health


We understand going to the gym while being the perfect mother is not easy.

There is always ‘someone’ who needs your attention right?

But YOU are also important! We dare to say, extremely important.

Taking some time to tune out as a mother to become stronger, more energized and confident is one of the best investments you can make in 2024.

Transform from ‘Perfect mom’ to ‘Power mom’!

Workout time is YOUR time!

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  • Weekly (Semi) personal training!

    2 to 4 workouts per week.

    Every week at least one time with your own private personal trainer.

    You really get to know each other. Learn how to combine a busy family life with a workout routine that feels great and is maintainable.

    In 6 weeks we will really teach you how to create new habits that will improve your life quality for ever.

  • Your private nutrition & lifestyle coach!

    Weekly one on one contact with your private lifestyle coach.

    Learn how to get stronger, more energized, boost your mood and be a 'Power mom' at the same time.

    Our proven 'step based approach' will create new ever lasting habits. Learn to combine a happy family while taking care of yourself as well.

    Improve your mood, body and become a super fit and confident mom through a journey of small steps. Feel better every week again.

    Of course we understand your busy family life. Because of that every step is completely personalized around your personal situation.

    The most important thing is that you enjoy your new habits so much, you can never let go of them anymore.

Experiencing physical health changes?

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  • Personal workout, nutrition and lifestyle plan!

    Completely designed for mothers.

    It's time for you. Happy mom, happy family.

    Feeling like a complete beginner? We completely understand.

    We are with you all the time. Our job is done when you are in your best and most happy form ever.

  • Clear measurable results!

    We do multiple measurements based on your specific goals.

    Boost your motivation through clear measurable results.

    Let's become the best version of your self ever in 6 weeks only.

    Finally achieve what you never accomplished before. Really.. We see it time and time again.

Your result, our responsibility. Unbelievable guarantee!

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100% satisfaction guarantee - no questions asked.

Not satisfied? Just send an email to [email protected] and we will refund the amount on the same day.

Without ANY conditions!

The reason? We give you what we promise. If you disagree, you deserve to be fully refunded. Period.

Your satisfaction is worth so much more to us than your fee for this program.

We back our approach with complete, 110% conviction.

Get your life back, It's perfectly possible.

Combine family with self-care..

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Is there a reason to not start your new life in 2024?

Still concernes that hold you back from starting this journey?

Reach out for a friendly phone call to talk it through. We are happy to thing with you about solutions.

Mostly we can solve your concernes. Provide alternatives where necessary.

We do it right, or we don't. We are not selling you a program.

Our mission is to change your life for ever.

4 Spots only!

Ok, this is our gift to you:

The investment?

Starting from €547,- only!

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Improve your Self-Esteem in 2024!

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Personal training program for mothers age 32 to 39!

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